SICS - Summer Institute in Competitive Strategy

Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley


Sponsored by

Institute for Business Innovation (IBI), University of California Berkeley

Ganesh Iyer (University of California, Berkeley)
Przemek Jeziorski (University of California, Berkeley)


Monday, June 6, 2022


Reception, Faculty Club

Tuesday, June 7


"Endogenous Inequality in Decentralized Two-Sided Markets"

Dmitri Kuksov (University of Texas, Dallas)


Discussant: Yuichiro Kamada (University of California, Berkeley)


"The Impact of Dollar Store Expansion on Local Market Structure and Food Access"

El. Hadi Caoui (University of Toronto), Brett Hollenbeck (UCLA), Matt Osborne (University of Toronto)


Discussant: Paul Ellickson (University of Rochester)


"Targeting for Long-term Outcomes"

Jeremy Yang (Harvard Business School), Dean Eckles (MIT), Paramveer Dhillon (University of Michigan), and Sinan Aral (MIY)


Discussant: Runshan Fu (Carnegie Mellon University)


"Self-Preferencing in E-commerce Marketplaces: Role of Sponsored Advertising and Private Labels"

Fei Long (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) and Wilfred Amaldoss (Duke University)


Discussant: David Soberman (University of Toronto)

Wednesday, June 8


"Choice Frictions in Large Assortments"

Olivia Natan (University of California, Berkeley)


Discussant: Raluca Ursu (New York University)


"Amazon and the Evolution of Retail"

Tommaso Bondi (Cornell University) and Luis Cabral (New York University)


Discussant: Sridhar Moorthy (University of Toronto)


"Measuring Deterrence Motives in Dynamic Oligopoly Games"

Limin Fang (University of British Columbia), and Nathan Yang (Cornell University)


Discussant: Kosuke Uetake (Yale University)


"A theory of brand positioning: product-portfolio view"

T. Tony Ke (CUHK), Jiwoong Shin (Yale University) and Jungju Yu (KAIST)


Discussant: Preyas Desai (Duke University)

Thursday, June 9


"Dynamic Price Competition: Theory and Evidence from Airline Markets"

Ali Hortacsu (University of Chicago), Aniko Oery (Yale University) and Kevin Williams (Yale University)


Discussant: TI Kim (University of Texas at Dallas)


"Non-parametric Estimation of Habitual Brand Loyalty"

Xinyao Kong (University of Chicago), J.P. Dube (University of Chicago) and Oystein Daljord (University of Chicago)


Discussant: Kanishka Misra (UCSD)


"Student Loans and Income Share Agreements for Financing Education"

Weining Bao (University of Connecticut), Kinshuk Jerath (Columbia University) and Shubhranshu Singh (Johns Hopkins University)


Discussant: Krista Li (Indiana University)


"Hospital Competition and Quality: Evidence from the Entry of the High-Speed Train in South Korea"

Hyesung Yoo (University of Toronto), Maria Ana Vitorino (INSEAD) and Song Yao (Washington University in St. Louis)


Discussant: Stephan Seiler (Imperial College)


Conference Dinner

Friday, June 10


"Who Benefits from Platform Entry if Multi-Agent Prices Signal Product Quality?"

Ye Qiu (Tongji University) and Ram C. Rao (University of Texas at Dallas)


Discussant: Baojun Jiang (Washington University in St. Louis)


"Video Advertising by Twitch Influencers"

Yufeng Huang (University of Rochester) and Ilya Morozov (Northwestern University)


Discussant: Minkyung Kim (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)


"The Design and Targeting of Compliance Promotions"

Oystein Daljord (University of Chicago), Carl Mela (Duke University), Jason Roos (Erasmus University), Jim Sprigg (IHG) and Song Yao (Washington University in St. Louis)


Discussant: Byungyeon Kim (Harvard Business School)